Download Ns Like App | How to get Likes and Reel Views on Instagram

So today in this article I will tell you how to increase likes and reels on Instagram so that you can ultimately increase your popularity on the social media platform. On this website, I have previously talked about methods of increasing followers for those who want to become famous; with these skills, you could make a name for yourself online. You must know that nowadays people look up to those who are popular; popularity starts off as getting an audience first before anything else can happen.

But it doesn’t work just having followers on the Instagram account, there should also be likes and comments on posts made by the user. Then they are considered famous on Instagram- if you think about it, they’ll rank higher up in the algorithm. When someone’s post gets more likes and view from other accounts it becomes viral – then others follow suit. To become popular anywhere you need your content to go viral – so that people can see how well liked you are everywhere else too!

So if you also want to boost your Instagram game and become more popular on social media, you need to follow these tips for success. Make sure you read all the way through until the very end of this article or else you won’t know how to succeed on social media.

How to get free real likes and reel views?

You need to download a third-party Android app in order to receive free likes and reel views on your Instagram posts, but the only problem is this app isn’t available through Google Play. The Download Button for the installation of this app can be found here from where you’ll be able to immediately retrieve it. However as I had already mentioned before, always make sure you understand what you’re downloading onto your phone so you won’t encounter any unwanted side effects. And this App – although created independently by an unknown developer – that we tell you how to use in order to grow your account’s follower count without actually having followers (since Facebook doesn’t allow a person with little or no followers on their own profile), is still considered a Third Party App.

However, if someone does this, then their Instagram account could also be temporarily or permanently disabled. Nevertheless, many users are continuously growing and becoming popular themselves by increasing free likes and reel views on their Instagram accounts through use of third-party applications. Which means that you too can grow in popularity and make your posts go viral by using these apps – but it is up to you whether you take the risk.

Benefits of using the Instagram likes and reel views increase App?

Some of the benefits of using this third-party service for increasing Instagram popularity are as follows. According to the algorithm used by Instagram, it awards posts that have a higher number of followers than those with many likes or reel views. To become popular on Instagram, one needs to make any post viral and then go viral themselves – which requires both likes and views (and only at least 50% liking).

You can achieve your goals of increasing real likes and reel views on Instagram posts by installing this Instagram Likes & Reel Views Increase App. If you want to use this app, you need a fake Instagram account in order to log into the app safely. This app also has a coin option where everything is free and there are no fees attached.

App Requirement and Details:

Application Name Free real likes and reel views App
Size 6 MB
Format APK File
Cost 100%
Category Social Media
Version v7.0.6
App Rating ★★★★☆
Android Required 5.0 and up
Scan Report No harmful apps found
Downloads 50,000+

How to use the free real likes and reel views app?

To use this free Facebook influencer marketing, you need to download and install the app on your mobile device. Just like all other apps, in this one too, you can grow or promote an Instagram account for free by logging in first – collecting points along the way.

In order to boost Likes and Views on Instagram posts, you need to earn Coins through watching videos. Once you have enough coins, you can trade them for Likes or Views. If want to buy these services, tap the Generate Downloads Button below and wait 15 seconds before clicking Download Now! When prompted make sure to tap on the correct option – either Free Coin Pack or Premium Coin Pack – then follow the steps shown in this video while looking at the picture.

1. On opening it, you’ll see what is displayed in the photo below. Clicking CONTINUED will take you to another page where there are three tabs at the top: Followers, Likes, and Dashboard.

2. You will then need to login using the new method by clicking on the Login via the new method button.

3. After entering the username and password of your fake Instagram account, simply press Log In.

4. As you already know, to increase your video views – collect coins. To do this, first go to the Get Coins tab- Auto Mode (Plus+) and exchange coins for video views – earn them through engagements such as likes.

5. To collect more coins, go to the first Order Like menu item to increase free likes and reel views on Instagram. After clicking there, select Search Page.

6. Scroll down and input your real Instagram username in the textbox then hit search.

7. Finally, you will see a number of VIEW or, LIKE buttons according to the coin and can click on the Order button.


As you know that an Instagram user is considered popular only if her posts go viral, and many people take the time to like or view them. This app gives you a chance to increase those likes for your own post through liking other people’s posts which will then generate more views for your own post; it all depends on whether Instagram decides to make it go viral or not.

And when your Instagram post suddenly becomes popular, it’s guaranteed that you’ll join the ranks of the ‘popular’ people – those who are looked up to for everything they say and do. I hope you liked this article today; if you did, please share it with your friends and ask any questions you might have in the comments below!

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