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Because there are many people who use Instagram, including politicians, celebrities, businessmen and influencers. However nowadays it is not so simple to gain fame because of the vast amount of users on the platform.

In recent years, fame on social media has become much harder to acquire for everyday people. You can’t just expect followers to come pouring in – you need to work hard and be visible at all times. But even with that many hours spent trying to gain a following, it isn’t quite enough anymore due to algorithms limiting content visibility unless someone posts consistently popular content. And the problem is made worse when trying new niches where there might not be many other Instagram influencers yet, making it much harder for them to compete against those already established on social media platforms like Instagram.

If you don’t like the people around you, or are too busy to put effort into anything – and even if you’re not one of those vain people who just wants fame for nothing – then there’s an app for that! With RiseTop, you can follow popular influencers who already have an established social media presence. There are easy steps outlined in this blog post for how to get started with RiseTop which will show us how much you care about being on social media.

What is the RiseTop App?

RiseTop is an Android app which cannot be found on the Google Play store. A clickable download button can be found below; please click it to proceed downloading RiseTop.

This Ripstop App is designed for those Instagram users who want to make it big on their account yet need something that will allow them to increase followers on their account. With this Ripstop App, you’ll be able to quickly gain new followers and become an Insta-star in no time!

But in order to increase followers on your Instagram account through use of this RiseTop service, you need to have coins on this app. After that, if you pay for followers then they will be given to you in exchange for the number of coins paid. However, you can also collect coins by completing various tasks within the RiseTop app – all without paying anything at all! So when it comes down to it, either way works- but one costs money while the other doesn’t cost anything at all.

But to increase followers on the Instagram account, you must have a fake Instagram id and who remembers its username and password. To make sure that you can use this application (RiseTop), first log in with an Instagram ID; it would be best if you used one when logging in. If you want to know more about RiseTop or how to get more free followers for your Insta account then read further.

Benefits of using the RiseTop App?

There are many benefits to using this RiseTop device to increase your followers on Instagram which you might not be able to do otherwise. Because we all know that in today’s time, the amount of competition among social media platforms has increased greatly and most people can’t become famous on Instagram because there are too many others who want it for themselves as well.

Some of the benefits of increasing followers on Instagram using the RiseTop app are as follows

  • Anyone who has an Instagram account can use this technique to increase their number of followers, regardless if they are new or old.
  • Using this app to grow your Instagram account is free because it operates through coins.
  • The benefit of using this application is to get real followers on the Instagram account because it provides actual followers.
  • In this application, one can earn coins in order to increase their number of followers.

Is it safe to use the RiseTop app?

In this way, there is no application safe for an Instagram user to use in order to increase their followers on the account. According to Instagram’s policies, it would violate Instagrams terms of service if someone were to use a third-party application on their own behalf in order to gain more followers.

If a person’s Instagram account becomes disabled due to repeated usage of third-party applications, then they will no longer be able to access their account at all. However, it is common for people to use these apps in order to increase the number of followers on their accounts and encourage others to follow them. With regards to RiseTop, there is cause for concern as this app could result in one’s account becoming blacklisted or deleted from existence entirely if precautions aren’t taken when using it.

If you are looking for a way to increase your number of free followers on Instagram, then please read through this post before downloading the RiseTop app – just remember that it comes with some risks. In order to find out how to successfully download and use the RiseTop app, keep reading below!

App Requirement and Details:

Application Name RiseTop
Size 2 MB+
Version v2.5
Format APK File
Cost 100% FREE
Rating ★★★★★
Android Required 5.0 and Up
Scan Report No Malware Detected
Offered By RiseTop+
Downloads 77,750+

How to download the RiseTop App?

To download the RiseTop app, click on the Generate Download Link button given below and wait 15 seconds before clicking ‘Download Now!’ After downloading the application, you’ll need to navigate over to your phone’s settings page where you will find an icon for ‘Rise Top’.

How to use the RiseTop App and increase Instagram followers?

To increase followers on Instagram using the RiseTop app, here’s what you need to do step-by-step:

1. As soon as you open up the app, you are greeted with a user-friendly interface that looks something like this screenshot here. The first thing you do is check I agree to go ahead and proceed with logging in using Instagram credentials.


2. Next, as I’ve already told you: you need to create a false account in order for this application to work for you. So enter your fake account’s username and password here, then click on the Log In button.


3. After that, to collect coins, first go to the coin option by clicking on it, then collecting them through one of two modes: Follow or Auto mode. Afterwards, click on the Get Coin button for a timer-based collection of coins every five minutes.


4. After collecting the coins, choose the Follows tab and find an instagram account to follow. Input the desired username in the text box before clicking on Search.


5. After that you’ll see your Instagram profile again, click on it.


6. Select the number of followers you would like and click on the recieve button after selecting your coin. Once selected, open up your Instagram account and see how many new followers have been added to it!



You can rapidly collect thousands of Instagram followers with this app, but you’ll need to invest some time and patience. Once you’ve collected enough coins on the app, use them to buy subscribers for your account. Place order(s) no more than once every few hours; otherwise, it’ll put your account at risk.

And one thing you should keep in mind is that always login to your Instagram account on the official app – otherwise your Instagram may also be disabled. Hope you enjoyed this article, if you did then please share it with all of your friends! If for some reason you’re having trouble downloading or accessing the app for any reason, feel free to leave a comment below and we’ll do our best to help 🙂

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