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Friends, it is as easy to create an Instagram account as it is difficult to increase followers on it. People create an Instagram account, but when it comes to increasing the number of followers on it, they cannot increase it. Increasing followers in any Instagram account requires some serious effort – so don’t think that just because you set up your profile and posts then everything else will take care of itself! If you want more people seeing what you post or noticing your profile page at all, then publishing regularly is necessary.

If you want more followers on Instagram, but don’t have the time to post new articles at a regular interval then try using third-party providers. These sites will allow you to buy real followers for your account without spending hours of your day trying to make yourself seem popular.

What I am discussing is an Android application known as SocialTop. With its help, many Instagram users are able to gain followers for free. This service works best if you want to receive more followers on your account in no time at all. For those who don’t know how to gain more followers on Instagram, this blog has got you covered; it will provide insights and tips from start to finish.

What is the SocialTop App?

SocialTop is a third-party app for Android that offers followers on Instagram accounts. Socialtop provides actual followers instead of being fake, so when people look at your account they’ll see how many friends are really paying attention. It isn’t too expensive either, because it’s free to download. After downloading the ap and logging in with an existing Instagram ID one can use a new ID number (fake) to create accounts and get more followers if they need them.

Users should never log in to their main account on the platform when they are trying to earn more followers on Instagram. This is because they could risk losing their information and their profile would be exposed – so it would not be safe. However, this app makes it very easy for those who are looking for a quick follower boost without risking anything. It’s just as easy for those who don’t know how to use social media too – making it accessible for everyone.

Benefits of using the SocialTop app?

One of the advantages of using the SocialTop app is that you can double or even triple your IG account in a matter of minutes. You would need a lot of time for people to follow you organically, so if someone has this extra time, then it would be advised they take advantage of this means.

  • It may take some time before we can reach our goal of acquiring followers on Instagram.
  • There is no need to spend any money for an increased number of followers.
  • This can increase the number of real followers for accounts belonging to the user.

Is it safe to use the SocialTop app?

This is how other sources for a popular social media platform are unsafe to use. Because Instagram does not allow their users the ability to increase followers through using any third-party websites or mobile applications. As a result of this policy, fake IDs are used when logging in. If you also want to increase your Instagram account free followers and do so without taking risks, you may find out about these tools online instead.

App Requirements and Details:

Application Name SocialFollow
Format APK File
Category Social Media
Cost 100% FREE
Star Rating ★★★★★
Version Latest
Requires Android 5.0 and Up
Scan Report No Malware Detected
Offered By SocialFollow
Downloads 75,000+

How to increase followers using SocialFollow?

To maximize the number of followers that you have on your social media account, it is important to download and install appropriate apps. To do so, click on Generate Download Link button to generate a link that will take you through an automated process where you can download the app without having to manually search for one. Once downloaded, open up the application called SocalFollow for Instagram use. Once inside there are different steps all outlined – simply read them carefully and follow them accordingly.

1. Once you have downloaded and opened the app, you will be greeted with an interface that looks similar to the photo above. Firstly, if you do not already agree to their terms of use and privacy policies, please click on I agree in order to continue. Next, scroll down and hit Login when prompted until you are able to enter your Instagram account information.

2. Once logged in, enter a false username and password for Instagram

3. Click the free coin icon, then click the auto follow button. Coins will start accumulating in your app after clicking this. In addition to that, you can accumulate more coins by clicking on the Follow+1 button (+1coins/click).

4. In the Home icon menu, select the Order for others option.

5. After that, enter your Instagram username on which you want to increase followers and click the SEARCH button.

6. After that, your Instagram profile picture will appear on the screen with a follow button next to it; click this button to follow yourself.

7. Pick the amount of followers you want by selecting your coin and clicking ADD ORDER. Your Instagram account will start adding new followers after this order is placed.


It is easy to gain more followers on any Instagram account with the application of a third-party app, but there is also a risk for an Instagram account. A small mistake could disable your Instagram account forever – so do not use the same login information across different apps in order to avoid logging into your main account in one of them. I hope you enjoyed reading this article – please share it with others and feel free to ask me anything you want!

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