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Friends, every other person in today’s time wants to be popular on Instagram and want to get more followers on their Instagram account. One wants to increase followers on their Instagram account just so they can promote their business or impress people and gain recognition from society. Yet, gaining those additional followers isn’t an easy task; for one has to work harder at becoming popular on social media sites such as Instagram.

It is important for users to stay up-to-date on Instagram by constantly reading the newest posts. This way, they will be able to follow other people’s posts based on what they’re interested in. Though many people are also finding ways of gaining followers on their Instagram account using third party apps such as SocialTop, which is a very effective app for getting more followers on Instagram.

The SocialTop app was designed for Android devices to expand Instagram followers. It has become very popular, and many people are turning to it because it allows them to quickly attract more followers on their accounts. The popularity of this third party application stems from its ability to increase the number of Instagram followers a user already has through each individual user’s personal interests; by catering to these interests, users are more likely to stay engaged with someone else’s profile long enough for them to follow back.

What is SocialTop App?

Socialtop is an application for iphones that helps people gain followers on their Instagram account. It has many features including how often a person posts, how long the post caption is, who likes or comments on posts etc. A person doesn’t have to spend any money using this app and these are some of the reasons why people choose to use SocialTop because they don’t want to spend any money making their account look more impressive than it actually needs to be.

But in order to use this app, you must have a fake Instagram account. You can get 500+ coins for free if you use the SocialTop code ‘DE8F10F’. This code will only work if you are using the newest version of the app, so make sure that is downloaded before continuing on.

Benefits of SocialTop App?

By downloading SocialTop, you can enjoy many rewards that are unavailable through any other third-party Instagram apps designed to provide increased followers. It is an easy and secure way of getting more followers without risking your own personal information. Also, it requires coins rather than dollars which means nobody needs to actually spend money for the access. This is why so many newbies like to download it – because they don’t want to commit large sums of cash for one small opportunity.

  • Compared to other third-party apps, the SocialTop app is easy to use.
  • This app promises you to gain even more Instagram followers without spending any money.
  • Collecting coins is an automated process, so it isn’t difficult.
  • Socialtop lets you get real followers for your account quickly.
  • The SocialTop app also offers a feature for logging into fake Instagram accounts to collect coins.

Details and Requirements:

Application Name SocialTop
Cost 100% FREE
Format APK File
Requires Android 5.0 and Up
Version v3.7
Star Rating ★★★★★
Scan Report No Malware Detected
Promo Code DE8F10F
Offered By TopFollow
Downloads 50K+

How to Download and Use SocialTop App?

If you want to download SocialTop, scroll down and wait for fifteen seconds before clicking on the Generate Download Link. After you do so, press Download Now! Then proceed to read this step-by-step guide to getting followers quickly.

1. First off, after downloading, install and open the application – this is what appeared before me (image). Below was a box where I entered my fake account information of an Instagram profile name along with its corresponding password. Once done typing out what needs to be typed out and clicking on Login was completed, I proceeded to ‘follow’ back people who followed me under this fake account since they would show up on my screen (at the top left corner) for doing so.

2. After following the steps mentioned after installation, you will come to your dashboard of the app. You can find this by clicking on (), which is located on the far right side in the top row. Clicking here brings up a popup for (Monedas Gratis).

3. When the next button appears in front of me, I choose option 2 – Códigos.

4. After that, input the promotional code of (DE8F10F). Clicking on ENTER after this will give you 500 free coins.

5. Want more coins to grow your followers? All you need to do is navigate over to the app dashboard, click on the comenzar button and watch as it starts collecting your coins for free. See also: use InsTools website Again Increase Free Followers on Instagram.

6. Once you have collected the coins by following the instructions given, click on the Seguidores option then enter your main Instagram user name in the box provided to gain followers and press ok.

7. After that, you can adjust the number of followers by clicking on the Obtener button.

8. To ensure that you’re going to follow through with your order, click Confirm Order once you’ve followed all of the aforementioned steps. Once this is done, then people will start following your account on Instagram.


It isn’t easy to gain many followers on Instagram, but there are programs that can make it easier. This app Socialtop guarantees you’ll gain many followers within a short period of time, which will consequently lead to increased website visits and product sales for individuals who need the extra boost. Thus, people should use it if they want more followers on Instagram.

But, being an outside third-party application, this app is unsafe for your Instagram account and could result in a permanent or temporary deactivation of your account. As Instagram does not allow users to purchase followers from outside sources, you’re taking a risk when using it – but if you’re looking for a solution anyways then go ahead. Enjoy reading today’s post, let me know if you encounter any problems installing or using the app – I’ll be happy to answer all of your questions!

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