Download Tick Like App | Increase free Likes on Instagram 2022

Friends, there are many ways of increasing followers on Instagram but most people seem to neglect likes. Don’t be fooled! Likes are just as important for attracting people’s attention and making posts look popular. You’ll notice that even if you see someone who has a high number of followers but very few likes – the chances are they don’t care about looking good on social media sites. This is because Instagram will promote your post depending upon how many likes it gets and try to make it viral.

If you are too focused on gaining more followers on your Instagram account and neglect your likes, then it becomes clear that popularity will never be yours. This is why one should focus on both increasing followers as well as likes on their Instagram profiles- so they can make themselves known in the future. If this makes sense to you and what you want too do – it would be wise to understand how to increase likes for an Instagram post instead of focusing all of your time elsewhere.

Please don’t panic. Let me tell you about a new way to get more followers on Instagram with the help of an app- Tick Like. Using this app, you can increase the number of free followers on your Instagram account effortlessly! This Tick Like app will make it possible for those who want larger audiences for their posts. All you need to do is keep reading until the end and I’ll tell you everything there is to know about getting tickers at no cost from this Tick Like app!

What is Tick Like the app?

Tick Like is a third-party app that has been created specifically to increase likes on Instagram, and it can be used by anyone who has an Instagram account. And just like most other Android apps out there, Tick Like uses bot functions to increase free followers and likes on Instagram; moreover, it can also do the same thing for you.

As in all these Instagram followers apps, to get more free followers and likes on Instagram, first you have to sign up with an Instagram account that doesn’t exist yet. After that, collect coins so you can buy people. Lastly just wait for the followers or likes count on your profile go up! This way of getting followers also works in Tick Like app – sign up, grab some coins (the currency) and then use it for buying follows which would happen instantly at the push of a button!

To increase your Instagram account’s number of likes for free, you need to set up an additional Instagram account that will only be used for the purpose. To do this, follow these steps

Benefits of using the Tick Like the app.

There are many benefits of getting more likes on your Instagram account when you use the Tick Like app. One reason being that it is a lot easier than some other apps available for getting likes on Instagram accounts. In order to receive more followers, all you need to do is download Tick Like from Google Play or the App Store (depending on what type of phone you have).

Some of the benefits of using the Tick Like app are as follows

  • You can use this app to increase likes on your Instagram very easily because it works like other apps.
  • Using this app your Instagram account is safe because it has the facility to log in with other Instagram accounts.
  • You will be able to use this app to increase likes on your Instagram account for free because it works on coins.

Is this a safe Tick Like the app?

As you were previously informed, this Tick Like app is a third party Android app and according to Instagram’s policies, it is not safe. However if used properly, your Instagram account will remain safe because Instagram has disabled or blocked accounts that grew too quickly through logging in to such an app.

In order to use Tick Like, you firstly need an Instagram account. You’ll log in with this account on the app and then post content onto your other (real) instagram account for increased likes on Instagram.

App Details & Requirement:

Application Name Tick Like
Size 5 MB
Format APK File
Category Social Media
Rating Star ★★★★☆
Scan Report No Malware Detected
Downloads 20,000+

How to use Tick Like the app and Increase Instagram Likes?

To gain followers on Instagram using this Tick Like the app, you need to first install and download it, then use the app to gain followers. If you want to download Tick Like app then click on Generate Download Link button given below and wait for 15 seconds then Download Now! Use the buttons for whatever you need. To increase free likes on your Instagram account

1. After opening the app, you will get an option like this, click on the Login via the Instagram button.

Tick Like

2. After that enter your fake Instagram username and password and click on the Log In button.

Tick Like

3. Then go to the Get Diamond option and collect Diamond Coins from Like.

Tick Like

4. After that use a 3-line icon to increase likes on Instagram.

Tick Like

5. Then click on the Order for others text button.

Tick Like

6. After that enter your real Instagram username on which you want to get likes and select your profile.

Tick Like

7. Then choose the post made on Instagram according to you, on which you want to take followers.

Tick Like

8. Select the number of likes according to the diamond coins collected in the list and click on the Order button.

Tick Like


We believe that you’ve tried this Tick Like app before and if, for some reason, you haven’t then now is the time to give it a try. After all, there’s no way of knowing how great or terrible the experience would be without trying it out first. When using this app though, please don’t just buy tons of likes on your Instagram posts instantly; instead make sure to save up enough coins so that you can eventually raise your follower count dramatically – but always keep in mind what we’ve said about ‘quality over quantity’.

One thing to remember when using the Tick Like the app is that you should never log in to an Instagram account on which you have increased or want to increase likes. I hope this information has been helpful for you if so please share it with your friends, and don’t hesitate to contact us if there are any questions about increasing Instagram likes.

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