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Friends, since the trend of short videos in India, the popularity of Instagram reels has also increased and people are using it more and more. That is why in today’s time the competition on Instagram reels has also increased, due to which new users have to face a lot of difficulty in getting views on their Instagram reels. Because the algorithm of Instagram works exactly like YouTube; boosting video with higher ratings based on how many likes/views they’ve received- so if you’re just starting out-you won’t see much success until you’ve been around for awhile or haven’t posted anything for awhile because your posts will always be buried at the bottom unless you boost them yourself (hence why some celebrities don’t post often).

But when new people start uploading videos onto their Instagram accounts, then their videos do not get views, due to which the person’s account does not grow. In such a situation, these Instagram users worry about how they’ll gain more views on their Instagram account, but there are websites available on the internet for this purpose.

Once your Instagram video posts go viral with the help of this website, Instagram will automatically make all of your subsequent videos go viral too. If you do not increase views for your YouTube clips, then it will work anyway. If you would like to give this a try and boost YouTube view counts for your clips without effort, then you may use this service at any time.

I’m going to tell you about an amazing website named Freeigviews. It is a platform where you can generate 1000 free views on Instagram reels of your video within minutes! Find out all about the benefits of this website in order for it to work best for you!

What is the Freeigviews website?

This is a free Instagram views website named Freeigviews, it was created by an independent web developer specifically for increasing the number of video views per reel. It will increase your view count only if you use their reels video URL and with this you may also receive 1,000+ additional views per reel post.

There is no login or coin collecting option to use this Freeigviews website; you can just type in the URL of your video and we’ll increase its views for you. There are many such websites that will do this, but they all require a registration so it takes more time on your part.

But if you use Freeigviews to increase the views on your Instagram video, then your time will also be saved and you can increase the views by just inserting and pasting the URL of the reels video. Now read on to know the benefits of the Freeigviews website and how to use it to increase views on your Instagram video.

Benefits of using the Freeigviews website.

Using this freeigview website is very different from other websites or websites to increase followers, likes, and views. If you use this Freeigviews till you increase it on an Instagram account, then it saves your time and is also safe. Because neither login is required nor coins need to be collected in this- all that needs to be done is inputting the URL of Reels Views- makes sense that views would naturally go up without having to work for them.This free website for increasing Instagram views makes it easier than ever to boost the popularity of one’s videos.

Some of the benefits of using Freeigviews to increase views on Instagram reels are as follows.

  • You can use this free Instagram views website to directly increase the video by entering the URL in it.
  • You do not have to log in or collect coins by using this free Instagram views website.
  • Anyone can use this free Instagram views website and increase the views on their Instagram reels because it is very easy to use.
  • By using this website, your Instagram reels video will become viral in a few days, which will give you a lot of benefits.
  • By using this website, 1000 reels views can be increased at a time, which is a lot of work to be seen on the website.

How to use the Freeigviews website and increase reels views?

If you want to generate your own unique link for Freeigviews, please use the Generate Website Link button below. After 15 seconds have elapsed, click on this link in order to visit the Official Site of Freeigviews.

Next, go through Step by Step instructions by looking at the picture below to receive free reels views using the Free Instagram Views website.

1. After going to the Free Instagram Views website, you will see an interface like this, first of all, click on the 1000 Free Views option.

2. After that paste the URL of your Instagram reels video and click on GET FREE VIEWS NOW button.


If you want to know how you can use this website for free so that you can increase your Instagram views quickly, follow these simple steps. If you’re looking for more than just increasing your followers and likes on Instagram, there are articles available on how to do other things as well.

You can definitely ramp up your Insta game with these few tried-and-true tactics for increasing engagement on Instagram! I hope you enjoyed this piece, and please pass it along to anyone else who might find it useful! If you have any thoughts, questions or feedback about anything discussed in the article please leave them below – we love hearing from you!

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