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Friends, many people who use Instagram want to get more followers on their profile and for this, they keep searching for many different tools over the internet – with the help of which they can easily increase followers on their Instagram account. But most such tools found online don’t work at all; and instead are just a third party website or mobile app.

Though there might be a mobile app, it is not in the Google Play Store where some apps are unsafe for your phone. Yet I have come across an app for you that will increase the number of followers on your Instagram account to great amounts. What makes this app different from most others? It’s available in the Google Play Store – and free! On Instagram though, if you want you can naturally grow your following with time; but remember – it takes effort to get noticed on social media so put in the work.

For this, you can see an increase in followers by posting regular content on your Instagram account and interacting with other users by uploading different posts that they find engaging. It will take some time to gain followers through these methods but those who do follow back are genuine. If you were to use third party programs, then it would be possible to gradually grow your follower count over a long period of time – all you need is effort.

But the followers that will increase from this will not be wholly organic and natural; some of them are just people who want to see what you are up to on your Instagram account. The app I am talking about is called Gamelle, and it can help you gain more followers if you use it correctly.

What is the Gramelle app?

Gramelle is a third-party Android app with the help of which its users can increase their Instagram account followers. And it is available on the google play store. With the help of this, any Instagram user can increase their followers with their Instagram account free and paid plan. But to use this application, you have to first log in with an Instagram account. For this, you have to use a fake account because if someone asks for your password when logging in, do not give them anything!

To gain followers on this app, you need to collect coins and convert them into more followers. You can earn coins by completing tasks but it’s important to note that for those without money, they are limited to how many followers they could get. There is an option for the paid plan though where people can spend even more money to buy more coins which will increase their follower count even further.

Benefits of the Gramelle app?

There are many benefits when using the Gramelle App; through this app, your Instagram account can get followers with ease and at a quick rate. It’s really tough to find an easier way to build up followers than what they offer. For example, all you need is some coins and then that turns into more likes on posts – so if you want them even faster, there’s always their paid plans too. Usually these options exist in other apps too.

  • With the help of this (Instagram) app, my Instagram account has grown a lot in just some time.
  • With the help of my software, you will be able to attract more followers than ever before.
  • And in this application, you’ll find it easy to gain followers both for free and at a cost.

Is this the Gramelle app Safe?

Therefore, it is not advisable to increase followers on Instagram using any third-party application. As Instagram does not permit multiple followers from one account from either any third-party website or app. In case you are discussing Gramelle then there is no need to worry about this app in Play Store. However, if you would like to increase followers on your Instagram account then you may do so at your own risk but just remember NEVER log in with your real Instagram id within such an application.

App Requirements and Details:

Application Name Gramelle – Takipçi ve Beğeni
Size 2.8 MB+
Category Social
App Rating ★★★★☆
Version Latest
Requires Android 4.4 and Up
Offered By Gramelle
Interactive Elements Users interact, In-app purchases
Download & Installs 100,000+

How to increase followers using the Gramelle app?

Furthermore, it is unsafe to increase followers on Instagram through any third party application. Because Instagram does not permit duplicate users for their platform via any 3rd party website or program. If you’re discussing Gramelle, then you don’t need to worry about this specific app at all if it isn’t in the Google Play store.

But when you’re looking for an app to help increase your followers on Instagram, there are risks involved. Don’t ever login with your real Instagram account information into such a program because then someone could hack you or delete all of your posts. If you want to find out how to make more Instagram followers though using Gramelle, first download and install it from the Google Play Store . Click here now to generate a new link that will automatically direct you straight to downloading the app.

When you download and install the app, how to increase followers on Instagram, see the picture below and follow Steps 1-2 Step by step. With an unlimited budget, I was able to get many followers at my fingertips!

1. To log in to the app firstly click on the login button which is found at the top right side of the screen.

2. Enter a fake Instagram ID and password then click Login

3. Next, click on the Earn tab and select Auto. You can also follow people who share similar interests or interact with them by clicking +1.

4. After that, click on the Home icon and select ‘Search’ then ‘Order for Others’.

5. After you enter your Instagram username, it will show how many followers other accounts have that are similar to yours.

6. Once you are done with this, click on the Request Followers button which is located below your current profile picture at the top of the screen.

7. Finally, choose the number of followers who you want to follow your account and press Order; this will enable them to automatically start following you on Instagram


As such, increasing followers on Instagram using third-party websites or mobile apps has become a common practice. What many people don’t know is that you can use this method for other purposes; for example, if you want to grow your audience for business purposes.

Here are some organic tips that might help you when wanting to increase your Instagram followers, so check them out! You may also find that they’ll make it easier for you to grow your own personal network too. It’s really simple – just download the right app, which we talked about earlier in this post, and follow these easy steps! I hope that this was helpful today; if so please share with any of your close friends who might need to know what they’re missing out on! Have any other questions? Feel free to ask in the comments below or contact us directly.

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