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Friends, over the past few years with platforms like Instagram emerging onto the internet – providing us with the ability to grow our number of followers – there has been a surge in interest about social media. However, what started out as simply an app to post pictures has become one where you can upload short clips and even live-streaming videos.

Because of this, the user becomes unmotivated and they don’t even think of posting videos like reels on Instagram again. But no worries because your brother has bought in such a panel in today’s article which allows you to use all facilities to grow your Instagram account.

With the app I’m discussing, you are able to do anything on your Instagram profile such as increase how many free followers you have; likes; views – anything. And since when someone uploads a reel onto their Instagram page and their Instagram account doesn’t get enough attention, they stop trying because of this.

But now it is possible for you to instantly increase your Instagram account’s reel’s video views by using this IGPanel website. If you are also eager to increase your Instagram reels’ video views, and want to learn how you can use the IGPanel website, then stay tuned until the end of this article!

What is the IGpanel website?

IGpanel is a third-party Instagram growing website that can be used to meet every Instagram requirement be it followers, likes, or reels views on Instagram. As you would know that today days things are getting advanced and in the same way social media is also becoming advanced and Instagram is also a part of social media.

Every time there is an update in the algorithms of social media platforms, those who are already popular become even more popular. This happens because the algorithms work based on how many followers you have, how many likes you’ve received for posts and how many views your profile has gotten so far.

So as I told you, you can grow your Instagram account by using this IGpanel website and if you want to increase views on reels videos on your Instagram account then you can do that too. But for this, you must have a fake Instagram account because if you want to increase more views then you have to log in to it, after which free followers, likes, and views will automatically start increasing on Instagram through the acquisition of coins.

This way, if you want – but only for the first few tries – you could post a direct link to an Instagram video and submit it; however, this can’t be done more than two times without getting penalized. Thus my advice is to login first then gather some coins before uploading videos which will let you increase views on your videos as much as you would like. If you want to learn more about our official website (IGpenal), feel free to check out our website!

Benefits of using the IGpanel website?

The IGpanel website provides a service which is helpful for those who are looking to grow their followers or views on their reels video. One drawback would be that Instagram users can become demotivated and not want to post, but the IGpanel website offers an easy way for these people to increase their account in a short period of time.

Some of the benefits of using the IGpanel website are as follows

  • It can be used to grow followers, likes, or reel views on your Instagram account.
  • To grow an Instagram account, everyone has to put in time and effort.
  • As Instagram allows you to log in from another account, it is also safe to increase followers.

How to use the IGpanel website and increase Instagram Reel Views?

To increase your Instagram account’s growth or free reel views on IGpanel website, go to their official website or search Google for it.

To go to the IGPanel website, click on the Generate Website Link button and wait for 15 seconds before you visit. Once you’ve visited the site, you can increase your number of free Instagram views using its search function. Just make sure you follow step-by-step in order to take full advantage of what this tool has to offer by following the image below.

1. I wanted to tell you that in order for your account on Instagram to grow, it’s necessary to have a fake account. So what you’ll do is enter your false Instagram username and password and press Log In.


2. After that, to increase the views on the Instagram Reels video, go to Video Views and click on Go to Service button.


3. Then, paste the URL Link of your real Instagram account Reels video on which you want to get free views and click on Submit button.



With this app, you can do anything on your Instagram profile such as increasing the number of free followers or likes. This seems to cause people to give up when they don’t get enough publicity for what they post.

If you violate the policies set by Instagram, it could lead to losing access to your account. Please feel free to share this article with anyone who may find it useful, and if there are any other questions about how best to grow an Instagram account please let me know in the comments below or message me privately through my personal email.

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