Download TopFollow V4.5.1 App | How to get free Instagram Followers and Likes

Friends, if you want to increase followers on your Instagram account then you can get thousands of real Instagram followers with Top Follow app. As you may know that creating an account on Instagram is not a big deal – but gaining popularity and subscribers takes time!

But when it comes to increasing the size of your account, there seems to always be one question on everyone’s minds. What are some ways you can increase your Instagram followers quickly? Although there are many ways to grow an account from scratch, these methods usually takes time and effort. However, while they often provide satisfactory results after several months or so, they’re not always guaranteed success. Some tips will also require that you take a little bit more responsibility for them – even if they’re just as effective in the end.

I know, you want something that provides immediate gratification but the good news is this won’t be too long. However, there is always a risk in waiting for things if they could happen quicker – especially when they don’t usually take as long as you think. If you are looking to expand your bank account though by natural means then at least there is no risk in it…

But what if you were considering using an application to increase your followers on Instagram? Some apps will give you instant followers but they can also temporarily or even permanently disable your account. There is one follow-up app however, which might be the perfect one for beginners who want to quickly grow their fanbase without stressing too much. The special thing about the Top Follow app is that logging in with a real account and its name – topfollow – automatically grants you new followers and boosts old posts alike.

More than one million users have downloaded and installed the Top Follow App, which has also been used by me. My Instagram account is still safe as well so far, but there are risks when downloading this app to gain followers. If you’re willing to take them head-on, keep reading!

What is TopFollow App?

TopFollow is a third-party Android app specially designed for people who want real followers on Instagram and want to grow the number of followers on their Instagram account. This application can provide its users with an advantage when they want to increase followers on Instagram.

And it was a popular application liked by the people, now more than a million people had downloaded this application. This Topfollow app was coin-based and becoming increasingly popular because there were many other coin based applications that provided real followers.

If my Instagram account has more followers than my friend, then I can gain new followers at a faster rate than my friend can by downloading the Top Follow app. My friend won’t even be able to tell that I am gaining new followers from this auto follower app because they won’t see any changes on their own profile.

Is this Topfollow app safe?

As such, no third-party application is safe for your Instagram account. Because Instagram does not allow you to increase your followers by using any third-party application. If someone increases the number of followers on their Instagram account by using such third-party applications, then the chances of that user’s or company’s Instagram account being disabled increase.

However, many people are gaining an increase in followers by using these third-party applications and if you so choose, then you may do so too. However, there is a risk of getting scammed or having your account stolen when using these programs. So before deciding whether or not you want to go ahead with this option just make sure that you know what the possible consequences might be beforehand.

Details and Requirements:

Application NameTopFollow
Size12 MB
Current Version4.5.1
Requires Android5.0 and Up
Promo CodeDE8F10F
Cost100% Free
Star Rating★★★★★
FormatAPK File
FounderTopFollow App

How to increase real followers on Instagram using Topfollow app?

1.  First of all, you need to download the top followed app and then log in to your Instagram account when opening the app.

Now, please type in the fake Instagram account’s username and password. After that, enter the username and password again and click on the Log In button.


2. After that, you will find the dashboard for the top-rated followed app. To collect coins all you need to do is click on the Setting icon button and they’ll start accumulating automatically for you. All this without having to do anything!



3. If you would like to earn coins quickly with little effort, click the Settings icon above and select Free Coins. After that, just make sure to tap on this button. Check out Platin Follow website Get free followers on Instagram.



4. Now from here you can collect coins by following two options, which are Daily Bonuses and Codes. If you want 500+ coins for free, you have to choose the Codes option.



5. After that, on the text box enter a promo code here: DE8F10F. After entering, click on the SEND button. And you will get 500+ coins successfully.



6. Once you have accumulated enough coins, go to the Followers section and enter the username for your real Instagram account.



7. After that, you need to decide how many followers you want based on how much money they’re worth.



8. Then, as soon as your new social media account starts seeing instant gains in followers.




If you’re a new Instagram user, then the Top Follow App can prove to be advantageous for you. With this app, you’ll see an increase of thousands of followers in just one day. But it won’t do anything unless you have enough coins to collect (8000+). Download the Android App so that way after signing up, you’ll receive 1000+ real followers instantly.

It is possible to earn 4000+ coins quickly because all of the tasks involved with collecting coins are automated. I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience so far and that this article has helped answer any questions you had about the TopFollow app. If it did not, please let me know!

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