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Friends, ever since TikTok became popular and took over from being just an app for Indian people making short videos, there has been a shift to Instagram reel. As this trend has picked up popularity due to the accessibility of creating these kinds of videos nowadays, it’s only natural that more people are uploading them on their Instagram accounts in today’s day and age.

But he has no views on his Instagram reel video, and so he wants to have some; but it’s not happening. However, let me say this: an algorithm controls how many likes or comments you can receive for your videos depending on how many followers you have in comparison to other people on Instagram.

In order for someone to reach their goal of getting followers on Instagram, one cannot just simply post videos of themselves; rather, people need to find a method by which their reel video will become popular. In order to do so, what one needs to do is promote their account as much as possible, or else an individual won’t see any progress at all with how many likes they receive. And in this article I’m going to show you how you can make your reel videos go viral on Instagram.

The issue of earning views on the reel videos I post to Instagram has been quite difficult recently. But if you abide by a few simple guidelines, it’s possible for your YouTube video to receive high viewership. One way of increasing viewership is through an online service called Gram Takipçi – and it works for YouTubers just like me!

What is the GramTakipci website?

This site is a third-party website for Instagram users who want to increase the number of views on their reel videos. It can be hard for people without much experience in marketing to gain new followers or likes for their work, but with this site it has become easier.

There are many such tool websites which allow you to increase the views on your Instagram reel, in the same way GramTakipci is also a tool website. This tool lets you automatically search for videos from other sources when they cannot be found elsewhere, giving them an option of watching clips through its feed. If you want to boost your views without trying too hard, then there’s no better place than here!

Is this a safe GramTakipci website?

As such, using any third-party tool to increase followers, likes, and views on your Instagram account is not permitted as per Instagram policy. However, there are many tools available online to accomplish this goal without violating the social media platform’s policies – these tools are still very much in use by people who want more of these features.

The Gramtakipci website is secure, as it contains an SSL certificate and holds its place among some of Google’s trusted sites. However, when using social media accounts – you might want to invest in having a backup account so that if anything happens with your main profile (for example- getting hacked) then you will still have another option of maintaining those profiles. To do this– even though this sounds sketchy- sign up for Gramtakipci which allows users to promote themselves or business on other social media platforms without sacrificing privacy; keeping yourself safe from danger or harm.

Benefits of using the GramTakipci website?

If you want to know how many people viewed your Instagram posts, all you need to do is find an id on a friend or relative’s phone and search for it. It might seem easy but it takes up a lot of time when there are other things we can be doing. But if you use the Yash Gramtakipci website, then you will see 1000 views in just a couple of days, after which Instagram will make your post go viral so more people can see it.

Here are the benefits of increasing views on an Instagram reel using gramtakipci website

  • Millions of people from all around the world visit this website daily for different reasons.
  • By securing your Instagram account, you can increase the views of your page. It has an SSL certificate installed to keep it safe.
  • You will not have to spend much time or effort from your end in order to increase the number of viewers for your video.

How to use the GramTakipci website and increase reel views?

Gramtakipci is a free website that allows people to increase their Instagram views by generating an automatic video loop for them. To get started, visit the Gramtakipci home page and tap the Generate Website Link button. Next, wait until you see a loading bar which indicates this process has been completed – after which point you’ll be ready to watch your video on repeat in order to grow your account.

1. When you see an interface like this appear, start by clicking on the INSTAGRAM icon at the top-left corner of the screen.


2. Next, enter your fake Instagram username and password then click the Login button.


3. Afterwards, click the ‘Video View’ icon.


4. Then copy and paste the URL link of your Instagram reel video and click the GONDERiYi BUL button.


5. Next, type in the number of people who watched the video (reel) and then click on the GONDERiMi BASLAT button.



It is very easy to increase views on Instagram reel videos, you’ll be able to gain thousands of millions of views on your reel by using different online tools from various websites. But if you use anything other than Gramtakipci for this process – make sure you read their terms and conditions first.

You clearly understand how to use this social media website for increasing views of your Instagram pics, so I am sure that by utilizing it, you can increase your own Insta reel views too. If you enjoyed reading this post, please make sure to share it with all of your friends! And if there are any other details about Insta reel views that you would like to know then don’t hesitate to leave a comment or drop me an email.

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